It’s the right time for the smart revolution in your home! Discover how technology can serve you every day. 
Discover the system that perfectly cooperates 
with you, and build a world of your own. 

Smart Home

Grenton Smart Home controls all devices and systems in your home Lights, Shutters, Curtains, Air Condition, Garage, Elevator, and more.

Wire and wireless

Grenton Smart Home combines all cable and wireless systems. You are not limited to one choice.

Smart Panel and Mobile App

With Granton’s advanced technical solutions, you can control your home features in many different ways. We perfected every one of them.

Smart tedee lock

The smallest, most resilient and smartest door lock powered by a battery that ensures continuous operation for up to 14 months. Thanks to our collaboration with GERDA engineers, you can enjoy the highest level of safety, comfort and control.

Control your lock using a smartphone or Apple Watch

Forget keys. Unlock and lock your door with a single tap on any smartphone.

Why Grenton?

The basics are important.
And the basic elements of the Grenton System are great.
Grenton System not only does everything other smart houses do.

Control Everything

Smartphone, Tablet, Smart Panel, or Touch Panel.
Stylish and technologically advanced, they fit into any interior.


Grenton is not only user-friendly but is also an easy-to-use system.
It is, aside from everything else, an extremely advanced system!
Go through the module’s description to know how powerful Grenton is.

Become a dealer or installer

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