Home Surveillance

The ultimate goal of our home security and surveillance systems is to always ensure that your house is protected.

This is carried out in a variety of ways that allow homeowners to easily control and get an overview of the state of your house. Whether you are actually there or somewhere physically away, you will always be able to have peace in knowing that nothing can pose a threat.

With our devices, you are always informed of your home’s well being no matter where you are. Alerts are immediately sent to the user in order to provide information on any potential problems that may have occurred. Say a garage door has been left open or someone has entered your house, you will immediately be notified of the specific situation.

A prominent feature of the home security system is the camera and video monitoring aspects. These high tech, movement capture devices are placed around your home, inside and out, to give you a specific look into what is going on. The content produced by these systems can be streamed straight to your devices so you have the ability to access the information even if you are miles away.

A unique feature that is included with this system is that of the “fake family” method. This involves the system located within your home randomly changing specific aspects such as lighting, shades, and even televisions inside the home to make it seem as though you are home even when you’re not. This protects against potential intrusion by stimulating the idea that the house is occupied no matter where you may be. All of these features can be turned off and on with the touch of a button so you can customize it to fit your needs.