Smart tedee lock

Control your lock using a smartphone or Apple Watch
Forget keys. Unlock and lock your door with a single tap on any smartphone.


Smart Home

Manage your house with an extremely useful building automation system that has never been that easy.
We help our clients create value and architect change with grenton.
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Surveillance and CCTV provide multiple functions that ensures the highest level of reliability.
When you establish a surveillance system your taking steps to protect your business.
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Security System & Access Control

Security system and access control plays the role of the cornerstone in a safe and secure life.
We deliver one of the best security services in the region, using the latest devices and equipment,
which is easy to use and can be tailored in the way that fits our client needs.
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Tracking system

Tracking Systems specializes in enhancing productivity and security for public, private, and business applications through tailored,
GPS-based asset tracking management solutions. Tracking Systems enables fleets of all sizes and types optimize routes, maintenance,
and reporting by combining GPS and cellular phone technologies with extremely complex web-based software.
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Solar System

Solar energy is the way of the future!  Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun.
Solar system not only helps you save money on electricity, but it also helps you lessen your carbon footprint, your reliance on centralized power, and much more.
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IP Telephony

IP telephony for voice calling, web and video conferencing, voice mail, mobility, desktop sharing, instant messaging and presence, and more.
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Founded in the Kuwait with the aim to provide world-class IT solutions, SMART TECH today stands for competence and commitment.
SMART TECH is supported by the National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprise Employment – (SME Fund).
As a partner of choice for leading technology providers such as Cisco, Fortinet, Microsoft, VMware, and others, we cover our markets end-to-end, covering to both enterprises and consumers.